Ozark Winter 23/24


New for Winter Division – Bass World Side-Pot Shootout

Entry – $200.00 – (100% payback)

Pre-registration starts now.  All ties will be broken by earliest paid entry.  Must sign up on or before the 1st tournament of the series.  Shootout will be run through the 1st – 5 consecutive tournaments of the division.  Payout will be given after the 5th tournament.  The shootout will eliminate the lowest 1/5th of the entries based on weight for each tournament. (Must weigh in 1 qualifying fish to move on- No fish weighed will be automatic elimination). With the remaining entries moving forward to the next tournament.  One substitute will be allowed during the first 4 tournaments however must fish the 5th tournament with signed up partner or fish solo.  Payouts will be determined based on number of entries signed up.  

Any Questions call Greg West at 573-216-7131


2023/24 Division Schedule

Division Information

Team $160.00 (no late fees) Bonus sidepot and Big Bass $20.00 each

Tournament Directors: Greg West 573-216-7131, Randy Schanuel 573-480-4512

Boat Ramps – PB#2 

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